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Incubation Business

Future-oriented intelligent supplier of biomedical automation

Relying on the company's core innovative technology platform and intelligent manufacturing system, the BME BU provides laboratory precision instruments and equipment for many scientific research and commercial customers in the field of life science laboratories, biomedical production technology and detection and diagnosis through multidisciplinary interdisciplinary and industry-university-research integration , laboratory automation, production process equipment and other overall system solutions and services.

  • Precision Instruments

  • laboratory automation

  • Production Process Equipment and Turnkey Solutions

Features and Advantages

    Relying on the company's core technology advantages and the combination of industry, education and research to provide turnkey solutions related to biomedicine.

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    Efficient, accurate, and instant response to the whole process

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    Interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary fusion technology platform to achieve breakthrough innovation

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    Turnkey solutions for automation, intelligence and customization

  • 96-channel automatic pipetting workstation
  • Small pipetting workstation
    • 96-channel automatic pipetting workstation
    • 96-channel automatic pipetting workstation
      • Switch 8/96 channels automatically
      • Compatible with SBS/ANSI standard microporous plate
      • 0.5-20μl and 5-200μl two range pipette module
      • Unmanned, automatic loading and unloading suction head and complete pipetting work
      • App operation based on Android tablet
      • Compact size, suitable for standard workbench and biosafety cabinet
      • The running status of the instrument can be displayed in real time by dual-color breathing lamp
    • Small pipetting workstation
    • Small pipetting workstation
      • Hole-by-hole gradient dilution and 96-well plate pipetting
      • Variety of liquid transfer from tube to tube, tube to plate and plate to plate
      • Maximum 1000μl range pipette assembly
      • Pipetting heads of different ranges can be replaced quickly and easily
      • 1 Channel, 4 Channel and 8 Channel; Using a professional adapter, compatible with 15ml, 50ml, 1.5ml and 2ml centrifuge tubes, as well as other test tube types
      • App operation based on Android tablet
      • Suitable for PCR system preparation and sample transfer
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