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HYC Testing

CNAS Laboratory

    Suzhou SIP HYC Testing Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Suzhou HYC Technology Co., Ltd. which providing one-stop services such as testing, calibration and technology. Product testing services cover temperature and humidity testing, mechanical vibration, packaging and transportation, salt spray corrosion, material stretching and other testing fields; calibration services can provide measurement and calibration services in the fields of length, mechanics, electricity and thermotics.

  • Reliability Testing Service

  • Instrument and Equipment Measurement and Calibration Service

Features and Advantages

    The national certified CNAS laboratory provides reliability assurance for our testing equipment. Meet HYC products from research and development to trial production of all processes on aging detection.

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    ISO 17025 management system operation, certified by CNAS

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    Timely arrangement of inspection plans for samples sent for inspection, 7*24 hours service

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    Accurate and Reliable

    The detection data is objective, true and traceable

  • Reliability Testing Service
  • Instrument and equipment measurement and calibration service
    • Reliability Testing Service
    • Reliability Testing Service
      • Temperature and humidity test
        high temperature, low temperature, temperature and humidity combination, temperature shock, HAST
      • Vibration and Shock Test
      • Salt spray corrosion test
      • Package drop test
      • Material tension, compression, bending test
      • Electrostatic discharge simulation test
    • Instrument and equipment measurement and calibration service
    • Instrument and equipment measurement and calibration service
      • Length
        digital caliper, vernier caliper, dial caliper, height caliper
      • Dynamics
        electronic balance, mechanical balance, digital indicating scale
      • Thermotics
        environmental test equipment, salt spray chamber, constant temperature water bath
      • Electricity
        multifunction calibrators, digital multimeters/multimeters, ammeters, electrostatic wrist straps
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